EasyWealth: Finally A Way To Own A Home With Little Or No Deposit.

We help people get into a home with no or very low deposit compared to what is required by a bank. We even provide rates that are lower than standard variable bank rates.

With our unique home ownership system, you can:

1. Stop wasting thousands of dollars you pay in rent.
2. Own a home without a deposit.
3. Sell the house any time and make a profit (Subject to market condition).

The longer you wait to own your own home, the more money you waste on rent. Why should you keep paying someone else’s mortgage?


Frequently Asked Questions By home Buyers

Who are EasyWealth?

Easy Wealth is a property development company. We pride ourselves on running a special home-ownership program to assist people get out of the ‘rent rut’ and own their own home with low or no deposit.

The Easy Wealth team has over ten years of experience in helping people own their own homes.


How does it work?

We buy numerous blocks of land and houses all over Melbourne. We then sell these houses to our houses to our clients one by one. First, a qualified mortgage broker will organize a bank loan that best suits our buyer. After that, they will arrange the first home owners are for them and finally we finance the shortfall deposit for our owner.

Example:A client buys a house that costs $350,000. We arrange a bank loan for them of $320,000 and a first home owner’s grant of $10,000. Easy Wealth finance the missing $20,000 deposit to the client.

The Result:The buyer successfully has a loan from the bank ($320,000) and a loan from Easy Wealth ($20,000). In other words, you will have one big loan from the bank and one small loan from us.

You make your payments to the bank and you make small payments every week or every fortnight to us.

It might turn out that you pay the whole $20,000 back to us in one year’s time. If not, don’t worry. We will simply refinance your bank loan after one year and we can use the extra money we get from the bank to pay off the small loans to us.

If we cannot refinance your bank loan, you can roll over your loan to us until it is paid off.


So are you a lender? Will you lend me money?

Sorry, we only lend money to (the buyers of house) houses that we sell. Helping people to fund their deposit helps us to sell our houses.


How much money do I, the buyer, need to put down?

If you qualify for the $10,000 First Home Owner’s Grant, you only need $1,000 holding deposit to secure a property. In addition, you need to have savings for stamp duty and legal fees that are about $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of the property.

However, if you don’t have any savings, we could help by referring you to a finance broker who may arrange a Personal Loan for you.


Is this legal?

Yes, absolutely. All the contracts are done by qualified solicitors. Our legal specialists have done hundreds of such contracts and we’re more than happy for you have it reviewed by your own lawyer.


Aren’t your interest rates higher than banks?

We use reputable well-known big-brand lenders and banks.

This means that your bank loan rate is at the same interest rate as any other bank loan you would receive directly from the bank.

Your loan from Easy Wealth is always at the bank’s lowest normal interest rates. We can even get a lower interest rate than the big banks standard variable home loan rates because we don’t charge bank fees or lender’s mortgage insurance fees from our second mortgage.

From our second mortgages?


What’s the catch? How does Easy Wealth make a profit?

We buy houses at wholesale price and then make it available to you to own at a fair market price.

We make our profit on the price difference.

The price difference covers our legal costs.mortgage costs and allows us to make some profit.

Most of these profits go back into allowing us to help other families to own their homes.


Will I be paying too much for the house?

Absolutely not. We buy houses at wholesale price so when we sell the house back to you, You’re still paying only a fair market price for the house.

Because we arrange a bank loan for you, we cannot sell you the house at a higher price than the bank valuation.

That’s why you will never pay more than official bank valuation for your house.

Based on the history of Australian property market your home will go up in value over time, and the money you put into your own home is not lost, unlike rent.


Do you find a house for me or do I go and find a house?

You choose from a selection we have available. We have our 10 different floor plans and facade options for you to choose.


Are there any other weekly expenses?

Yes, as a home owner, you will pay your own council rates, water rates, taxes and householder’s Insurance and maintenance.


Can I pay early?


We encourage you to repay as much as you can as quickly as possible.

This way, you reduce interest and pay your loan off faster. The higher your weekly payments, the easier the refinance process is. This is because we can show to the bank that you can afford higher weekly payments than minimal bank loan payments and that’s why banks are willing to refinance your loan after one year, increase your mortgage and give you more money.


Can I make changes to the house?


You can do whatever you like, provided you comply with builder’s warranty Insurance as well as all building and council regulations and have our written consent first.

Do not forget that you are the legal owner of the house from day one.


Can I put a tenant in the house?


You can do whatever you want to your house as you are the legal owner of the property prior approval and rent direct to you. The title is in your name from day one.


How many people are doing this now?

Hundreds and thousands of Australians currently own their homes through this seller – finance opportunity nation-wide.


What are the benefits of owning a home this way?

1. You don’t need a full deposit to own a home.

2. When the house goes up in value over time, it is your profit to keep.

3. It gives you a chance to start owning your own home today. You can stop paying dead money on rent and start putting the thousands of dollars you waste on rent towards owning your own home.

4. Supposing that your house has gone up in value you can sell the house and make a profit.

5. You are the legal owner of the property from day one.


Can I sell my house at any time?

You can sell your house at any time as long as you pay our loan back to us.

Is there a chance that I might lose my home?

When you get the loan from the bank, the house is yours.

You are protected legally. This means we cannot sell the house from under you, unless you default on your bank mortgage or on our loan to you.


I like the Idea and would like to go ahead. But, it’s my first home and I really don’t want to make a mistake. What should I do?

That’s perfectly understandable. You might like to have a lawyer or conveyancer look over the paperwork.

We’re happy for you to get someone to look over the paperwork so that you know you’re safe.

We’d suggest a solicitor or conveyancer that has experience in this sort of paperwork.


I would like to own a home too, what do I do now?

Great. We’d love to help.

Enter your details to the form on the top right hand side of this page or fill out our ‘contact us’ form and fill in your details. Let us know your name, e-mail address, phone number, employment situation and answer a few simple questions about your annual Income, credit history and the best time to call.

We ask these questions because (as you can understand) we have overwhelming demand for this service and we’d hate to waste your time if it’s not suitable for your particular situation.

Once you’ve filled out the form on the friendly Easy Wealth staff will call you to set a time to ask you a few questions and come into our office.

Please understand that that because of the overwhelming demand for this service, we can’t help everybody. It is a first come first serve basis, and we’d hate for you to miss out – so, go ahead Fill out the form today and get started towards the Australian dream and owning your own home.

If you’d like to speak to someone on the phone straight away, call our office on 1300 88 55 90. We look forward to speak to you!

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